Corporate Profile

Bo & associates Inc. (BOA) was founded in 2015 by Dr Myint win Bo who has extensive experiences in Geotechnical, Geo-environmental, Geological engineering and Hydrogeology as well as extensive management experiences in engineering industry across four continents (North America, Europe, Pacific and Asia) around the world. BOA senior executives and employees are licensed engineers and geoscientists who have experiences in managing, implementing and delivering of conventional to complex level engineering projects. BOA professionals have implemented and managed multi-billion dollars complex mega engineering projects. BOA is specialised in planning and implementation of ground investigation involving test pitting, trenching, drilling, coring and in-situ testing including specialised in-situ testing such as Cone Penetration testing with pore pressure measurements (CPTU), Dilatometer Testing (DMT) and Self-boring Pressuremeter Testing (SBPT). BOA professionals are capable of planning and testing of such specialised in-situ tests as well as interpreting of the test results. BOA professionals are pioneer in specialised in-situ testing and their works were well documented and cited in many published literatures.


BOA is also specialised in laboratory testing on material such as soils, aggregates, rocks, geotextile and geomembrane. BOA professionals are participated in developing ASTM standards for soils and rocks testing and are capable of testing and interpretation of specialised laboratory testing such as various kind of triaxial tests including stress and strain path tests and various kind of consolidation tests such as Constant Rate of Strain (CRS) and Constant Rate of Loading Tests (CRL). BOA professionals and Their experience knowledge on laboratory testing were also well documented and cited in many published literatures such as books and articles in the referred journals.

BOA has a capability to carrying foundations, pavements, ground improvement and ground engineering designs applying both conventional analyses and Finite Element modeling. BOA is specialized in designs of shallow and deep foundations, embankments, slopes and excavations, tunnels and buried structures, designs of ground improvements such as preloading, preloading with wick drains, deep compaction, stone, cement and lime columns, deep soil mixing etc. Their designs works were also well documented in the books and technical articles they have published.

BOA professionals have extensive experiences in geotechnical instrumentation applying observational method to control the construction processes to minimize unwanted deformations and stresses. BOA can plan, procure, install, monitor and interpret geotechnical instrument results to be able to construct the infrastructure safely and exercise necessary remedial measure in timely manner. Extensive and comprehensive geotechnical instrumentation projects carried out by BOA professionals are well documented in many textbooks and technical articles published in the referred technical journals around the world.

BOA is specialized in conventional geotechnics, transportation geotechnics, offshore geotechnics, mining geotechnics, environmental geotechnics, computational geotechnics, material testing, hydrogeology, contaminated hydrogeology and forensic engineering. BOA professionals are leaders in the Geotechnical and Geo-environmental fields and have been serving in many professional societies as committee members and contributing through tertiary institutions as Adjunct Professors, external examiners and research collaborators. In order to keep in touch with the developments, BOA professionals are active in research and carried out research independently as well as in collaboration with many tertiary institutions around the world. BOA professionals are contributing to the industry thorough publications of textbooks, technical articles in the referred journals and giving keynotes, invited, special and public lectures in the professional societies, tertiary institutions and international conferences. With their extensive knowledge and experience, BOA professionals offered and participated in expert witness services to assist in litigation processes.